Database Replication – Part II

11. February 2018 - Ashwini Tripathi
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This post is in continuation to my earlier post. Please check if you missed.

Database Replication – Part I

As committed in this post we will cover practical approach.

Creating Windows Accounts for Replication

We will create a separate Windows account on the local server for the following agents:

Agent Location Account name
Snapshot Agent Publisher <machine_name>repl_snapshot
Log Reader Agent Publisher <machine_name>repl_logreader
Distribution Agent Publisher and Subscriber <machine_name>repl_distribution
Merge Agent Publisher and Subscriber <machine_name>repl_merge

In my case the Publisher and Distributor share the same instance of SQL Server. The Publisher and Subscriber may share the same instance of SQL Server, but it is not a requirement. If the Publisher and Subscriber share the same instance, the steps that are used to create accounts at the Subscriber are not required.

To create local Windows accounts for replication agents at the Publisher







To create local Windows accounts for replication agents at the Subscriber

If using different computer, else this step can be skipped.

Preparing the Snapshot Folder

To create a share for the snapshot folder and assign permissions



repl_snapshot – Full Control

repl_distribution – Read

repl_merge – Read


Today we have covered initial setup required to start with SQL Database Replication.

We will continue with next step in our next post.