How to Automate Translation Process in NAV

10. February 2018 - Totovic
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From today, Partner Translation Tool for Dynamics NAV 2018 is available and partners where Microsoft has not an official localization for NAV can start with localization processes.

But now except this tool, we have something more. Partners now can use Dynamics 365 Translation Services for NAV translation as well. To do it, partners should have access to

If you cannot find Translation Service, you need to enable NAV product availability under Preview Feature Management tile. To start, you first need to create a new project.

NAV Translation 1

Then, you need to create new translation request and here you can choose product name and version (in this example NAV 2018) and translation source and target languages.

NAV Translation 2

This process supports machine translation of application strings, that you can export from Object Designer and Resource strings – that are part of Toolkit. On this step, you will get detailed instructions. The best is to use XLIFF file (based on current translations of your the last NAV version).

NAV Translation 3

First you need to create file containing all the sources files you want to translate and upload it and then upload existing XLIFF TMS. When you submit these files, translation process will start and time for this process can be very different, but probably not less than a few minutes.

NAV Translation 4.PNG

When translation process is finished, you will get message and as result you will get two groups of files:

This is just the first review, and if you want to start with this tool, I can recommend detailed manual on this URL: