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Using AdvaniaGIT – Convert G/L Source Names to AL
Here we go. The NAV on Docker environment we just created can be used for the task at hand.  I have an Extension in Dynamics 365 called G/L Source [...]
Using AdvaniaGIT in Visual Studio Code
It has become obvious that the future of AL programming is in Visual Studio Code. Microsoft has made a decision to ship all their releases as Docker [...]
NAV Development Preview – Modern Development Tools for Dynamics NAV
Dear friends, after writing blog on Modern Development Tools for Dynamics NAV few of my readers requested to compile all information related to this in [...]
Extensions 2.0 – Dynamics Navision 2018
The issue with customizations is that they often introduce challenges when upgrading. It’s hard to upgrade a solution from one version to the next [...]
Configuring Visual Studio Code to Use Modern Development Environment with Dynamics NAV 2018
After installing Dynamics NAV 2018, I want to configure Visual Studio Code with Dynamics NAV to use new Development tool. Before we [...]
Configure Visual Studio Code with Dynamics NAV 2018 (Local Server Installation)
After installing Dynamics NAV 2018 I want to configure Visual Studio Code with Dynamics NAV to use new Development tool.  I [...]
How to install NAV 2018?
OK, two days ago NAV 2018 has been released and I hope all of you were already downloaded this new version. Installation process is still very easy, but I [...]
All sessions from NAV TechDays 2017
NAV TechDays 2017 has just finished a few days ago and I already wrote about my expressions. Now, all sessions are already published and I want to have all [...]
Translation in Extensions in NAV / D365 Tenerife
Today is announced November Update for new NAV Development Environment. There a lot of good things in this preview, but by my opinion one thing stands out. [...]
Invoking Azure Functions from AL recording available
The “Invoking Azure Functions from AL using Visual Studio Code” webinar is over, and it was a pleasure delivering it for you, folks. There were [...]