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My Soap Service Proxy Codeunit
Up to now we in Advania have been using the method described here on my blog to connect to most of the Soap web services that we needed to integrate with. [...]
Using AdvaniaGIT in Visual Studio Code
It has become obvious that the future of AL programming is in Visual Studio Code. Microsoft has made a decision to ship all their releases as Docker [...]
Using AdvaniaGIT – FTP server for teams
So, you are not the only one in your company doing development, right? Essential part of being able to develop C/AL is to have a starting point.  That [...]
Using AdvaniaGIT – Docker Containers
There is a new kid in town.  His name is Docker. Microsoft is saying: We are currently investigating how we can use Docker for deploying NAV. For test [...]
Using AdvaniaGIT – C/AL Development
In our past videos we have seen how to install and configure AdvaniaGIT.  We have also seen how to create localization and solution branches. Now it [...]
Using AdvaniaGIT – How to configure licenses
When NAV environments are built a development license is uploaded to the development database. Make sure to save your development licenses in your [...]
Using AdvaniaGIT – Bring your solution into SCM
Most of us are not just starting working with NAV.  But again not all of us have been able to apply Source Control Management (SCM) to our daily work. [...]
Using AdvaniaGIT – Create a localization branch
In our previous post we completed the installation of GIT, SourceTree, NAV and the AdvaniaGIT modules.  We also created a GIT repository in Bitbucket. [...]