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How to generate the ‘hotfix directories’ from Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Some of you have missed the so-called “hotfix directories” that have not be part of the monthly updates since Cumulative Update 1 for Microsoft [...]
CRS.RemoteNAVDockerHostHelper – Updated!
I’m not going to blog about each version of this module, but for this update, I felt obligated to share a few words. Primarily, because all has [...]
CRS.RemoteNAVDockerHostHelper – my new PowerShell module
I have been struggling in getting my head around managing “stuff” on Docker. You know – the new kid in town that will see its use in many [...]
Using AdvaniaGIT in Visual Studio Code
It has become obvious that the future of AL programming is in Visual Studio Code. Microsoft has made a decision to ship all their releases as Docker [...]
NAV 2018 and related environment best videos
NAV 2018 and related environment best videos Addendum to my course “NAV 2018 What’s New & New Technology – Fast Tracks” [...]
Dynamics NAV and Let’s Encrypt certificate
Are you using HTTPS for your Dynamics NAV? Or are you using SSL for your OData/SOAP webservices? Do you want to have trusted certificate for free? If yes, [...]
Comparison of NAV 2018 W1 Objects with NAV 2017 W1 Objects – What’s Difference
With the release of NAV 2018, first thing that comes to mind is how much objects are changed from previous version. To check this I have performed small [...]
How to install NAV 2018?
OK, two days ago NAV 2018 has been released and I hope all of you were already downloaded this new version. Installation process is still very easy, but I [...]
Docker@waldo – Updating my local environment
As you might af read in my previous post, I am setting up a demo environment to be used during my session at NAVTechDays. Well, today, Microsoft announced [...]
Docker@waldo – My Local Demo Environment
Well – I guess there is no way around – Docker is the way forward, and you’d better get on the train! Getting started Well, I am not [...]