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Directions US – PowerShell Combat
I’m on my way to Orlando as I write this post. For quite some time, Irma – and apparently a local storm today in Belgium – made it very [...]
“Nice to have” books for the new development environment
“Nice to have” books for the new development environment Hi, while we wait the transition of the new development environment from the preview [...]
Introducing AdvaniaGIT – SCM for Dynamics NAV
Almost two years ago we in Advania decided to start using GIT as Source Control Management (SCM).  We brought Kamil up to Iceland and we kicked off. [...]
AL with VSCode: ExportToNewSyntax
When you start doing AL development in VSCode, you inevitably will want to convert from the very old and dusty C/AL language, to the brand new shining [...]
Create an offline Development Preview – enable the in-client visual designer
You might remember this post: Well, back in those days, I might [...]
Import-NAVModules: An easy way to import NAV PowerShell modules
I seem to remember that I have told you that I have created some modules in PowerShell to make my (and your) life easier in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.. ;-). [...]
AL with VSCode: Run Extension Objects (with PowerShell)
Some time ago, Mark blogged an interesting article about running objects from extensions. You can read it here: [...]
Convert C/AL Objects to AL with PowerShell
If you are a NAV developer, you probably have heard about the upcoming “New Developer Tools”. And if you didn’t, it’s very much [...]
Get Session Information for all NST’s – PowerShell Version
Continuing on my previous post Get Session Count over multiple NST’s I decided to make a little PowerShell function of it. function [...]
Get Session Count over multiple NST’s
Sometimes you need to see for different instances how many sessions are connected. You could achieve this with piping multiple PowerShell statements into [...]