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Power BI Desktop September Feature Summary
The Microsoft Power BI Team has released a bunch of updates and new features in Power BI. For an overview, please have a look here: [...]
NAV news from Microsoft Inspire
I didn’t write for a while, but now we can speak about some news in Dynamics NAV. We got some information on Microsoft Inspire conference and not [...]
Power BI Desktop, Service and Mobile July Feature Summary
Power BI Desktop June Feature Summary: This month’s Power BI Desktop update includes the general availability release of the new table and matrix [...]
For the first time in the last 10+ years, I was on the conference with NAV topic, but I didn’t spend whole time on NAV sessions. This time, on Summit [...]
What’s new in Power BI Desktop for January
We have an exciting release of Power BI Desktop this month. It includes several formatting features that have been top asks and new Quick Calcs for your [...]
Power BI Desktop February Feature Summary
For a summary of the major updates, you can watch the following video: Here’s the complete list of February updates: Report view Word wrap on matrix [...]
Subscribe to a Power BI report
It is now possible to subscribe to a report to receive an email with a snapshot of that page to your inbox. You will receive an email snapshot of each [...]