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NAVTechDays 2017: Final thoughts
As every year, I look very much forward to one particular conference: NAVTechDays. Not because I don’t like the other ones. But NAVTechDays is [...]
Docker@waldo – Updating my local environment
As you might af read in my previous post, I am setting up a demo environment to be used during my session at NAVTechDays. Well, today, Microsoft announced [...]
Docker@waldo – My Local Demo Environment
Well – I guess there is no way around – Docker is the way forward, and you’d better get on the train! Getting started Well, I am not [...]
TFS 2015 Build system – Automated tests
In my previous article, I described the Build Agents and today I will describe how to use them to run the NAV tests for you. But first – why you need [...]
Dynamics NAV is Dead! Long live Dynamics NAV!
Directions USA published their agenda today and the agenda for NAVTechDays is getting more clear each week too. What can we learn from these [...]
TFS 2015 Build system – Build Agents
Agents of TFS 2015 In previous part we were I was describing the TFS 2015 build system and how to create your first build template. Today, I will [...]
Conference Schedule 2016 | Starting with WPC
If you “Google” on “Dynamics NAV 2016 Events” you don’t get a list that includes Directions, NAVUG Summit and NAVTechDays. [...]
TFS 2015 Build system
Long time since NAVTechDays 2015, I am trying to start the posts about building NAV under TFS. Today I found some time to look at it and there is first [...]
Directions 2016 | Why you should attend, and why I won’t be there
Summer is getting close, which means early bird registrations for the “big” Dynamics NAV events are ending. There are quite a few events this [...]