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Activate Item Tracking for Items with Ledger Entries
A common request is to activate item tracking (lot numbers and/or serials numbers) for items that already have transactions (item ledger entries). In [...]
The Low-Level Code
Do you know what the low-level code in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is used for? And do you know how it is maintained? The low-level codes are critical for [...]
Production Order Posting to General Ledger
How Microsoft Dynamics NAV posts into the general ledger from production orders is something that you must know when implementing it in a [...]
Discrepancy Between Purchase and Direct Cost Applied
In school we where told that when you invoice (voucher) received inventory you get a debit transaction against the inventory account and a credit [...]
Create Production Order from Sales Order for Partial Quantity
Most of us know that you can create production orders from sales orders in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. When doing this the production orders are reserved [...]