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Functionality Improvements in NAV 2017
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 was released last week. I have installed it and poked around in the new functionality a bit and there are some awesome [...]
Reversing Production Output and Consumption
Production orders in Dynamics NAV allows you to consume both less and more than what’s defined on the components and to output both less and more [...]
Add Fields to the Item Tracking Lines
This blog post is to describe how fields can be added to the Item Tracking Lines in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Adding additional fields to this page is a [...]
Schedule MRP
If you have a relative large number of items to plan it could take a while to run the MRP calculations in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an hour to do a full [...]
Activate WMS Functionality for Existing Location
This blog post describes how you activate the ‘Directed Put-away and Pick’ functionality (also known as WMS or advanced warehousing) for an [...]
Processing of Receipts
Just like with processing of shipments, there are four ways to process receipts of inventory in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Choosing the most suitable method [...]
Assembly Order Posting to General Ledger
I have previously described how production orders are posting into the general ledger which I have received a lot of positive feedback on. This time I [...]
Assemble to Order with Inventory Picks and Movements
One of the nicer things about the assembly functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the option to assemble to order. What this means is that you can [...]
Consignment Inventory
Being able to handle consignment inventory in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a common requirement. There are four scenarios of consignment inventory that I [...]