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Dynamics NAV on LIVE
Dynamics NAV on LIVE The Dynamics NAV 2017 developer and IT-pro content is now live at The [...]
Downgrade Production Order Status
Downgrade Production Order Status Sometimes it is required to perform a status change of a production order that was advanced by mistake .. maybe the error [...]
NAV Development Preview – Running C/SIDE and AL side-by-side”
NAV Development Preview – November Update #VSCODE #dyndev365 #NDPW BEST NEWS Application dependency Runtime packages Translations and….. [...]
NAV 2017 Upgrade Error: Invalid column name ‘Session Unique ID’
Invalid column name: ‘Session Unique ID’ error I’ve found some posts on this topic and some info requests in forums, this sync problem [...]
Valuta la tua preparazione per il GDPR
Valuta la tua preparazione per il GDPR “Preparazione a nuova era nella regolamentazione della privacy” “Da maggio 2018 avrà piena [...]
Posting with Limited Users?
Posting with Limited Users?   Some questions about posting with limited users NAV Limited User (licence type) “If i use a limited user to write [...]
All my socials in an app
Hi Guys, If you want to be up-to-date on the latest news from the Dynamics world, (Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 FOBE, Tenerife and a bit of SQL Server) you [...]
October updates for Dynamics NAV Development Preview and 365FOBE
This month “TWO updates in one day”. Good ! NAV Development Preview – October Update Web client add-ins, Dictionary and [...]
Certificates of Supply in NAV
Certificates of Supply in NAV Some people have asked me for info on this feature; I summarize briefly, what it is and how it is used. This Certificate [...]
GDPR and Azure, a new era for data privacy
GDPR Questions? Azure has answers nice white paper about Microsoft Azure and GDPR Compliance on [...]