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NAV 2018 will be released
Hi guys, Great News! NAV 2018 will be released ! “NAV 2018 will be released late…, will become generally available later this [...]
SQL Monitor
SQL Monitor I’ve done a lot of NAV optimizations and sometimes it’s enough to isolate the bigger issues to get a good result. Since NAV 2015 [...]
Get Session Information for all NST’s – PowerShell Version
Continuing on my previous post Get Session Count over multiple NST’s I decided to make a little PowerShell function of it. function [...]
Functionality Improvements in NAV 2017
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 was released last week. I have installed it and poked around in the new functionality a bit and there are some awesome [...]
Read Server & Tenant Settings from C/AL Code
Back in April 2015 I wrote an article about reading server settings with C/AL code. Unfortunately, that code didn’t work in NAV 2015 and above. [...]
Add Fields to the Item Tracking Lines
This blog post is to describe how fields can be added to the Item Tracking Lines in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Adding additional fields to this page is a [...]
Translating NAV: Translation Tokens
Some of you might already have needed to translate NAV objects before. When you did this, odds are big that you have run into “unreadable” [...]
Field Level Security using Events in Dynamics NAV 2016
One of the cool new features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is the options to use Events. Through events you can create functions that are published and [...]
Activate WMS Functionality for Existing Location
This blog post describes how you activate the ‘Directed Put-away and Pick’ functionality (also known as WMS or advanced warehousing) for an [...]
C/AL Editor in Dynamics NAV 2016
The 2016 version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV comes with a new C/AL editor. This is a big step forward for people that are writing code within Microsoft [...]