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AL CODE OUTLINE Tree View Extension
A nice updated extension is “AL CODE OUTLINE”. “This extension has been inspired by “Code Outline” extension created by [...]
Enable Code Analysis for AL
It’s the week of “undocumented features”, apparently. Today: code analysis. Apparently, the al-language extension comes with a built-in [...]
Autonumber Objects in AL
I recently discovered what appears to be an undocumented feature in the current version of the al language extension (aka, the “Modern Dev”, [...]
Remove all custom apps on Docker container (with PowerShell)
Today, I was prepping for my 2-day Masterclass about developing Extensions in Visual Studio Code. And finally, I made some time to make a first version of [...]
Creation of Reports using AL Extension in Microsoft Dynamcis NAV Development Preview
Nice post from CLOUDFRONTS about the creation of reports through AL Extensions “This blog demonstrates the creation of Reports through extensions in [...]
The different AL Extensions versions for Visual Studio Code
A common question asked these days is why there are different versions of the AL Extensions for Visual Studio Code. With this post I try to explain what [...]
Configuring Visual Studio Code to Use Modern Development Environment with Dynamics NAV 2018
After installing Dynamics NAV 2018, I want to configure Visual Studio Code with Dynamics NAV to use new Development tool. Before we [...]
How to connect Visual Studio Code with NAV 2018
Last couple of days, I got a number of questions from people that all came down to the same issue: how to set the correct settings in the launch.json so [...]
Add a logo to a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extension / App
Just because I needed it recently – let me quickly show you how you can add a logo to an extension. It’s so extremely simple – that you [...]
How to install NAV 2018?
OK, two days ago NAV 2018 has been released and I hope all of you were already downloaded this new version. Installation process is still very easy, but I [...]