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My Soap Service Proxy Codeunit
Up to now we in Advania have been using the method described here on my blog to connect to most of the Soap web services that we needed to integrate with. [...]
C/AL and AL Side-by-Side Development with AdvaniaGIT
Microsoft supports Side-by-Side development for C/AL and AL.  To start using the Side-by-Side development make sure you have the latest version of [...]
Using the Translation Service for G/L Source Names
Until now I have had my G/L Source Names extension in English only. Now the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central I need to supply [...]
Why do we need Interface Codeunits
And what is an interface Codeunit? A Codeunit that you can execute with CODEUNIT.RUN to perform a given task is, from my point of view, an interface [...]
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is now official
While waiting at Auckland Airport for my flight to Bangkok to attend Direction Asia, I got a pretty exciting mail from my MVP group. Microsoft Dynamics 365 [...]
Direction Asia 2018 : Richer integration with logic apps for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 (CRM)
I’ll be speaking at #DirectionAsia 2018 this March in Bangkok together with Wagner Silveira. Join with me and other Dynamics expects at the [...]
Upgrading my G/L Source Names Extension to AL – step 4
We are on a path to upgrade G/L Source Names from version 1 to version 2.  This requires conversion from C/AL to AL, data upgrade and number of [...]
Upgrading my G/L Source Names Extension to AL – step 3
When upgrading an extension from C/AL to AL (version 1 to version 2) we need to think about the data upgrade process. In C/AL we needed to add two function [...]
Upgrading my G/L Source Names Extension to AL – step 2
So, where is step 1?  Step 1 was converting C/AL code to AL code.  This we did with AdvaniaGIT and was demonstrated here. First thing [...]
Don’t worry about DotNet version in C/AL
When using DotNet data type in NAV C/AL we normally lookup a sub type to use.  When we do the result can be something like [...]