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Enabling Premium Experience in Business Central Sandbox Containers
A few people have discovered that manufacturing, production, and other functionality which only is available when using Premium Plan is not available when [...]
Quickly grant access to a user group when starting a NAV container
As we use Docker containers internally to quickly spin up environments for reproducing bugs, delivering fixes on older releases or quickly test our [...]
CRS.RemoteNAVDockerHostHelper – Updated!
I’m not going to blog about each version of this module, but for this update, I felt obligated to share a few words. Primarily, because all has [...]
CRS.RemoteNAVDockerHostHelper – my new PowerShell module
I have been struggling in getting my head around managing “stuff” on Docker. You know – the new kid in town that will see its use in many [...]
German only: NAVTALK über NAV und Docker
Auf Einladung von Rene Gayer von Learn4NAV werde ich am Freitag, 2.2.18 um 10:30h an einem NAVTALK über NAV und Docker teilnehmen. Das Ganze wird auf [...]
Speaking about NAV on Docker at DDC
I had the chance to speak at the Dutch Dynamics Community meeting in Utrecht on Jan 10th 2018 (see here for images and slides). It really was a very nice [...]
Use GitHub to change how your NAV on Docker container works
With the addition of the new „folder“ feature in the NAV Docker images it is now possible to download a .zip in the very beginning of container [...]
Quickstart your D365/NAV Connect API usage: Use Azure Container Instances to go serverless and let ALRunner generate your client
You might have seen one of the presentations where Microsoft showed their idea of future NAV-based applications: It can be either a Connect App (just [...]
Webinar presentation about NAV on Docker
I had the chance to present some practical examples and scenarios around running NAV und Docker together with Jakub Vanak on a NAV-Skills Webinar (thanks a [...]
Docker and your disc
After long time, I saved some time to go deeper into Docker and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. During playing with docker, my c: drive went quickly out of free [...]