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Run D365 Business Central for the first time
When you run your Dynamics 365 Business Central for the first time, you will see new refreshed Web Client. Well, I think we will get some more small [...]
D365 Tenerife is Dynamics 365 Business Central
I didn’t plan to write this article before keynote on Directions ASIA, but two days before it, it is announced – new SaaS solution, previously [...]
Waiting Directions ASIA
Today is Sunday and I’m seating on the airport waiting my flight to Bangkok. I just few days Directions ASIA 2018 will start. This time, it will be [...]
Directions 2016 Easter Egg | C/AL in Visual Studio Code?
Ok, it is official. I regret not attending at least one of the Directions events. They published their agenda and there is a really nice easter egg that [...]
Dynamics NAV is Dead! Long live Dynamics NAV!
Directions USA published their agenda today and the agenda for NAVTechDays is getting more clear each week too. What can we learn from these [...]
Conference Schedule 2016 | Starting with WPC
If you “Google” on “Dynamics NAV 2016 Events” you don’t get a list that includes Directions, NAVUG Summit and NAVTechDays. [...]
Directions USA 2016 | Why you should attend…continued
There is so much to blog about and so little time. Event season is sneaking up on us with WPC around the corner and two great NAVUG conferences just behind [...]
Directions 2016 | Why you should attend, and why I won’t be there
Summer is getting close, which means early bird registrations for the “big” Dynamics NAV events are ending. There are quite a few events this [...]