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Directions US – PowerShell Combat
I’m on my way to Orlando as I write this post. For quite some time, Irma – and apparently a local storm today in Belgium – made it very [...]
NAV Developer Preview – September (Getting started)
Yesterday, we got a new Development Preview from Microsoft. You can read the announcement on their blog. This time, a lot has changed on how the image is [...]
Add a logo to a C/AL Extension (ExtV1)
Just to set the right expectations – this blog is intended for Extensions Version 1. In other words, extensions that are: developed completely in the [...]
Invoking Azure Functions from AL recording available
The “Invoking Azure Functions from AL using Visual Studio Code” webinar is over, and it was a pleasure delivering it for you, folks. There were [...]
AL with VSCode: ExportToNewSyntax
When you start doing AL development in VSCode, you inevitably will want to convert from the very old and dusty C/AL language, to the brand new shining [...]
QR Code with Microsoft Dynamics NAV App
An interesting extension of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Phone app has to do with the ability to retrieve pictures using the device camera, where available. [...]
Create an offline Development Preview – enable the in-client visual designer
You might remember this post: Well, back in those days, I might [...]
NAV Developer Preview – Fix Script
When you want to experience the new developer tools, you need to set up a VM on Azure. Now, this takes a while. On top of that, it’s all [...]
Import-NAVModules: An easy way to import NAV PowerShell modules
I seem to remember that I have told you that I have created some modules in PowerShell to make my (and your) life easier in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.. ;-). [...]
AL with VSCode: Run Extension Objects (with PowerShell)
Some time ago, Mark blogged an interesting article about running objects from extensions. You can read it here: [...]