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CRS.RemoteNAVDockerHostHelper – Updated!
I’m not going to blog about each version of this module, but for this update, I felt obligated to share a few words. Primarily, because all has [...]
CRS.RemoteNAVDockerHostHelper – my new PowerShell module
I have been struggling in getting my head around managing “stuff” on Docker. You know – the new kid in town that will see its use in many [...]
Import Symbols in New or Upgrade Databases with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018
What does upgrading databases have in common with creating new databases in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018? They do not contain symbols. More precisely, when [...]
Enable Code Analysis for AL
It’s the week of “undocumented features”, apparently. Today: code analysis. Apparently, the al-language extension comes with a built-in [...]
Autonumber Objects in AL
I recently discovered what appears to be an undocumented feature in the current version of the al language extension (aka, the “Modern Dev”, [...]
Generate Symbols in a Modern Development environment with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018
With the general availability of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 in the first week of December 2017, the new and Modern development environment experience [...]
Remove all custom apps on Docker container (with PowerShell)
Today, I was prepping for my 2-day Masterclass about developing Extensions in Visual Studio Code. And finally, I made some time to make a first version of [...]
Configuring Visual Studio Code to Use Modern Development Environment with Dynamics NAV 2018
After installing Dynamics NAV 2018, I want to configure Visual Studio Code with Dynamics NAV to use new Development tool. Before we [...]
Docker and your disc
After long time, I saved some time to go deeper into Docker and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. During playing with docker, my c: drive went quickly out of free [...]
Add a logo to a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extension / App
Just because I needed it recently – let me quickly show you how you can add a logo to an extension. It’s so extremely simple – that you [...]