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Dynamics 365 for Marketing – Check for Errors
As I’ve already wrote, Dynamics 365 for Marketing Public Preview has been announced. Also, in my previous blogs I wrote about Click Dimensions [...]
Dynamics 365 for Marketing Public Preview
Few days ago, Dynamics 365 for Marketing Public Preview finally has been announced. For those of you who already attended on some of Dynamics events, this [...]
Counting Named Subscription Users in NAV – 2nd part
In my previous post, I tried to explain how to handle with named users in NAV. But I’ve got a few feedbacks with some additional questions I [...]
Counting Named Subscription Users in Dynamics NAV
Waiting Dynamics NAV as full SaaS solution (Dynamics 365 ‘Tenerife’), a lot of partners are deploying NAV on Azure with subscription licenses. [...]
Dynamics 365 for Talent availability per countries
In my previous blog post, I hope I make a licensing process closer to you, but now when you know how to calculate price for licenses and you can start with [...]
Licensing in Dynamics 365 for Talent
In a last period, I’ve got a lot of questions about how to make a proper licensing for Dynamics 365 for Talent. As it is a new solution, it is [...]
Marketing Campaign Automation in Click Dimensions – Step by step
In my previous blog about making marketing campaign automation in Click Dimensions, I just wanted to cover top processes and share an idea how I solved [...]
NAV 2018 Web Client Improvements
With new Dynamics 2018, there is a lot of improvement in a Web Client. One of the first improvements is availability of Print Preview for non-Internet [...]
Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Flow
Hi, for all of you who want to learn how to use Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 for Financials with Microsoft Flow in a practice, I’ll provide webinar [...]
All sessions from NAV TechDays 2017
NAV TechDays 2017 has just finished a few days ago and I already wrote about my expressions. Now, all sessions are already published and I want to have all [...]