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Quickly grant access to a user group when starting a NAV container
As we use Docker containers internally to quickly spin up environments for reproducing bugs, delivering fixes on older releases or quickly test our [...]
Speaking about NAV on Docker at DDC
I had the chance to speak at the Dutch Dynamics Community meeting in Utrecht on Jan 10th 2018 (see here for images and slides). It really was a very nice [...]
Quickstart your D365/NAV Connect API usage: Use Azure Container Instances to go serverless and let ALRunner generate your client
You might have seen one of the presentations where Microsoft showed their idea of future NAV-based applications: It can be either a Connect App (just [...]
Webinar presentation about NAV on Docker
I had the chance to present some practical examples and scenarios around running NAV und Docker together with Jakub Vanak on a NAV-Skills Webinar (thanks a [...]
How to connect the NAV iPad App to your NAV Container using a self-signed certificate
As you probably know there is a very nice NAV App for iOS (and Android). For very good reasons this App however only connects to NAV WebClients secured by [...]
How to connect NAV on Docker to an existing SQL database (quick and dirty)
When Freddy Kristiansen, Jakub Vanak and I talked about NAV on Docker at NAV TechDays, the first two questions from the audience were „can I connect [...]
Use the VS Code Docker Extension with a remote Docker host
If you are a NAV developer working with Docker containers and the new dev environment aka VS Code (or for that matter anyone using Docker containers and VS [...]
Optimize CI build on AppVeyor with a multi-stage image
Part of the appeal of Docker as part of a CI/CD pipeline is the idea that you have identical dev, test, qa and prod images or at least as close as possible [...]
Continuous integration with AppVeyor and GitHub for NAV
Shipping software products has come a long way from „once every couple of years“ to „your users might get a new feature in the next 5 [...]
Use Azure Container Instances for NAV
Running NAV inside a Container has many benefits but one of the probably most obvious ones when you start to work with it is the ease of deployment: [...]