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Quickstart your D365/NAV Connect API usage: Use Azure Container Instances to go serverless and let ALRunner generate your client
You might have seen one of the presentations where Microsoft showed their idea of future NAV-based applications: It can be either a Connect App (just [...]
Image Analysis feature in Dynamics NAV 2018
In Dynamics NAV 2018, the Image Analyzer extension uses the Computer Vision API to analyze images that are attached to contact persons and items. For [...]
Smart solutions 3: Custom Vision
In a previous post we looked at how to use a general service , Computer Vision, to recognize content and faces in images. There is another model which you [...]
Smart solutions 2: Programming Computer Vision in C/AL code
In the previous post, we looked at an example of how Microsoft has built Azure Machine Learning (ML) functionality into Dynamics NAV. We discussed the [...]
Smart solutions 1: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Dynamics NAV
Machine Learning (ML) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables software to do more on its own, such as make predictions and offer [...]
All sessions from NAV TechDays 2017
NAV TechDays 2017 has just finished a few days ago and I already wrote about my expressions. Now, all sessions are already published and I want to have all [...]
Trust me – it works! NAV TechDays 2017 Wrap-up
Another NAV TechDays are behind us, and as always, this one was a blast, too. So many people, so much enthusiasm, such great energy and positive vibe, no [...]
Use Azure Container Instances for NAV
Running NAV inside a Container has many benefits but one of the probably most obvious ones when you start to work with it is the ease of deployment: [...]
Invoking Azure Functions from AL
One elegant way of replacing your .NET interoperability code with something else is by using Azure Functions. Sounds good in theory, but what does it take [...]