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The future of AppSource
With Dynamics 365, AppSource was introduced as platform for Apps exchange. This was a place where you could find apps based on product type and industrial [...]
How to Succesfully Publish an App on Microsoft AppSource
Yesterday I did a webcast with Mark Brummel courtesy of Rick Williams from Liberty Grove Software. The recording is available on YouTube.   If you are [...]
Add a logo to a C/AL Extension (ExtV1)
Just to set the right expectations – this blog is intended for Extensions Version 1. In other words, extensions that are: developed completely in the [...]
My first Dynamics 365 Extension – Offer ‘G/L Source Names’ is live
So, back from summer vacation and time to blog… Early this month I got this email: Offer ‘G/L Source Names’ is live Congratulations! [...]
How to start with Accountant Portal in Dynamics 365
If you have accountant agency and want to take care about a lot of clients, you can use this new feature in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations [...]
Progressus Software Approved for Microsoft AppSource
Progressus Software is the largest app to be published on Microsoft AppSource. Progressus Software today announced that their Microsoft Dynamics 365 for [...]
My first Dynamics 365 Extension – In maintenance mode
This morning I got this email: Hi Gunnar, I just wanted to inform you that your extension passed validation on US, CA, and GB. We will now get your [...]
Building Assisted Setup for Dynamics 365 for Financials
I had my Assisted Setup wizard up and running on NAV 2017.  Everything looked fine but when the extension was being validated nothing worked. So, [...]
My first Dynamics 365 Extension – Approved for publishing
Yes!  I have passed all validation steps and Microsoft will publish my app soon. These are my marketing validation results. Marketing [...]
My first Dynamics 365 Extension – Mistakes I made
There are a few things to look out for – things not that obvious. Look at the extension settings in my Source Control. the “appName” must [...]