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February Preview – Whats New
Here is the one of the new things of February preview of extensions 2.0 If you have any issues in object/file then then it will show in red color with no. [...]
Upgrading my G/L Source Names Extension to AL – step 2
So, where is step 1?  Step 1 was converting C/AL code to AL code.  This we did with AdvaniaGIT and was demonstrated here. First thing [...]
Generating AL objects from JSON
As interacting with WebServices, especially JSON/REST based WebServices, becomes more and more important, it was very good to see that the new NAV dev [...]
The different AL Extensions versions for Visual Studio Code
A common question asked these days is why there are different versions of the AL Extensions for Visual Studio Code. With this post I try to explain what [...]
How to connect NAV on Docker to an existing SQL database (quick and dirty)
When Freddy Kristiansen, Jakub Vanak and I talked about NAV on Docker at NAV TechDays, the first two questions from the audience were „can I connect [...]
Optimize CI build on AppVeyor with a multi-stage image
Part of the appeal of Docker as part of a CI/CD pipeline is the idea that you have identical dev, test, qa and prod images or at least as close as possible [...]
Continuous integration with AppVeyor and GitHub for NAV
Shipping software products has come a long way from „once every couple of years“ to „your users might get a new feature in the next 5 [...]
Why I like where Dynamics NAV / 365 currently is
I usually write about specific technical problems and their solution but this will be a more general post. I was at Directions NA this year and saw the [...]
Docker Tips for NAV Development Preview September Update
A few days ago we got a new NAV Development Preview from Microsoft. As Waldo already explained on his blog, a lot has changed this time. Well, I’m [...]
AL Web Service Examples
A few weeks ago, I posted about AL support for REST Web Services. And at the end I promised to convert the previous posted web service examples to AL code. [...]