CRS.RemoteNAVDockerHostHelper – Updated!
I’m not going to blog about each version of this module, but for this update, I felt obligated to share a few words. Primarily, because all has [...]
CRS.RemoteNAVDockerHostHelper – my new PowerShell module
I have been struggling in getting my head around managing “stuff” on Docker. You know – the new kid in town that will see its use in many [...]
Enable Code Analysis for AL
It’s the week of “undocumented features”, apparently. Today: code analysis. Apparently, the al-language extension comes with a built-in [...]
Autonumber Objects in AL
I recently discovered what appears to be an undocumented feature in the current version of the al language extension (aka, the “Modern Dev”, [...]
Remove all custom apps on Docker container (with PowerShell)
Today, I was prepping for my 2-day Masterclass about developing Extensions in Visual Studio Code. And finally, I made some time to make a first version of [...]
NAVTechDays 2017: Final thoughts
As every year, I look very much forward to one particular conference: NAVTechDays. Not because I don’t like the other ones. But NAVTechDays is [...]
I have feedback – what do I do?
There was a good topic the other day on twitter: “How and where do I report feedback about NAV”? No Twitter I shouldn’t be explaining [...]
Add a logo to a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extension / App
Just because I needed it recently – let me quickly show you how you can add a logo to an extension. It’s so extremely simple – that you [...]
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 is available for download
Easiest blog post to write EVER – and with very positive news: the day has come, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 is available for download! You can [...]
Docker@waldo – Updating my local environment
As you might af read in my previous post, I am setting up a demo environment to be used during my session at NAVTechDays. Well, today, Microsoft announced [...]