Tobias Fenster

Join me at MVPDays April v-conf for a Docker on Windows introduction
If you already know the Docker basisc, this won’t be interesting for you, but if you are just getting started, this might help: On April 18, 8:00 AM [...]
Dynamics 365 BC extension build in TFS / VSTS using containers
In the last couple of days I’ve seen multiple quite interesting blog posts about automatic build in TFS / VSTS for AL-based extension development for [...]
Extending the NAV / Outlook integration in NAV 2017
While we are actively working on our plan how to move forward into the VS code development paradigm and actually have our first app ready and approved in [...]
NAV Container self-service
One of the main scenarios in my mind for using NAV on Docker is the possibility to have a „self-service“ portal for my colleagues to easily [...]
Quickly grant access to a user group when starting a NAV container
As we use Docker containers internally to quickly spin up environments for reproducing bugs, delivering fixes on older releases or quickly test our [...]
German only: NAVTALK über NAV und Docker
Auf Einladung von Rene Gayer von Learn4NAV werde ich am Freitag, 2.2.18 um 10:30h an einem NAVTALK über NAV und Docker teilnehmen. Das Ganze wird auf [...]
Speaking about NAV on Docker at DDC
I had the chance to speak at the Dutch Dynamics Community meeting in Utrecht on Jan 10th 2018 (see here for images and slides). It really was a very nice [...]
Use GitHub to change how your NAV on Docker container works
With the addition of the new „folder“ feature in the NAV Docker images it is now possible to download a .zip in the very beginning of container [...]
Quickstart your D365/NAV Connect API usage: Use Azure Container Instances to go serverless and let ALRunner generate your client
You might have seen one of the presentations where Microsoft showed their idea of future NAV-based applications: It can be either a Connect App (just [...]
Webinar presentation about NAV on Docker
I had the chance to present some practical examples and scenarios around running NAV und Docker together with Jakub Vanak on a NAV-Skills Webinar (thanks a [...]