Steven Renders

How Do I: Implement the Activity Log Pattern
How Do I: Implement Passwords Encryption to Protect Sensitive Data
How Do I: Approve an Invoice on My Phone in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016
How Do I: Print Barcodes in RDLC?
Recently someone asked me how to print barcodes in a Dynamics NAV RDLC report. And I hade done something similar, years ago in NAV2009. So I had a look at [...]
Set As Default Filter Column
When entering data in Dynamics NAV, for example in a journal, time is sometimes lost on filtering or looking for the correct Customer, Item, Vendor, [...]
NAV ODATA Server Processing Error
Recently I was working with Dynamics NAV in the Web Services page of the RTC. I added some web services, deleted others and then also renamed some of them. [...]
Dutch Dynamics Community Event
Yesterday I attended the Dutch Dynamics Community NAV event. It started with a very interesting keynote presentation by Vincent Nicolas about [...]
2016 Microsoft® MVP Award!
A few days ago I received the following email from Microsoft: Needless to say I’m really honored and thankfull. I want to express thanks to everyone [...]
Create a Power BI Dashboard using your Twitter Data
Recently I stumbled upon this blog: It shows how [...]
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