New Class : Introduction to Visual Studio Code & Extensions V2
The NAV-Skills team is very enthousiastic to announce a new Master Class for experienced NAV Developers. Extensions 2.0 & New Development Environment [...]
Iceland – Learn .Net Framework & PowerShell
January 2017 from the 10th – 13th Arend Jan Kauffmann will warm up Iceland with a visit to teach PowerShell and .Net Framework. Schedule January 10th [...]
Sweden, get ready for the Patterns Master Class on NAV 2017
Stockholm, February 13th & 14th 2017 Even though Sweden had quite a large NAV community it took a while before we found a reasonable way to schedule a [...]
Announcing the Dynamics App Alliance
We are delighted to officially announce the launch of our new website,! Have a look and let us know what you think? [...]
Directions 2016 Easter Egg | C/AL in Visual Studio Code?
Ok, it is official. I regret not attending at least one of the Directions events. They published their agenda and there is a really nice easter egg that [...]
Tip #56 | Fix Error : Sorting cannot be done based on the XX field(s)
Today I’ve spent some time in NAV2016 figuring out this error message: As you know in NAV2016 you can sort on each column even if there is no key and [...]
Vote NOW for the NAVUG All-Stars Awards
Ok, let’s forget about Madeira, Extensions and NAV2017 for a blog and focus on what is really important. It’s time to vote who will win this [...]
Inside project “Madeira” | Why extensions will fail to upgrade too…
If there is one thing I learned from my previous blog post is that a catchy title works. Eventhough it’s early August I have had a lot of emails and [...]
Directions 2016 NAV Conferences
Totovic NAV Blog In this moment, we have the final countdown until Dynamics NAV conference season will start. We have 47 days until the opening [...]
Dynamics NAV is Dead! Long live Dynamics NAV!
Directions USA published their agenda today and the agenda for NAVTechDays is getting more clear each week too. What can we learn from these [...]