Hidden Feature: Comments in ML Properties
Today I stumbled across a hidden feature on MultiLanguage properties. You can add comments on these… Whenever you are in the MultiLanguage Editor [...]
Customize Ribbon – Beware
It often happens that customers change their ribbon. Mostly to remove the clutter of actions and only keep the actions they care about. Today we got a [...]
Update Parent Page From Subpage
I guest we all have had a situation where we needed to update the parent page from a SubPage. Without some funky workaround, this was simply not possible. [...]
Import 2013 R2 report into 2013 R1: Invalid target namespace
Today, I had to copy a report of our product to a customers database. Our product database is currently NAV2013 R2, while the customer databases is a [...]
NAV2013 Object Admin
Giving SQL Server permissions was not always secure in the past… When a user needed to be able to upload objects, they actually needed the db owner [...]
Reading Excel – Alternative
Most of us had already experienced the joy of getting an error while reading Excel through C/AL: To support the <Language> (<Country>) [...]
You can now take a look at a few statistics of They can be found through the top bar or by following this link.
PRS Driven Programming
It’s been a while already since I have worked on our product. Here we have been very strict about using PRS, so allow me to share a few things with [...]
.NET to DotNet: How do I do it?
You might already have noticed, that I am a supporter of using DotNet variables within C/AL. They allow us to achieve great things with little effort (most [...]
Using DotNet to put a file on an FTP server
By using DotNet variables, you can achieve great things, which would otherwise take you a lot of effort / hassle. Putting a file on an FTP server with C/AL [...]