Get Session Information for all NST’s – PowerShell Version
Continuing on my previous post Get Session Count over multiple NST’s I decided to make a little PowerShell function of it. function [...]
Get Session Count over multiple NST’s
Sometimes you need to see for different instances how many sessions are connected. You could achieve this with piping multiple PowerShell statements into [...]
NAV 2017: My “what’s new” overview
Hi, It’s been a while since my last post, but no better time for a post than with a quick run through the objects and viewing the new stuff? System [...]
Eventing OnAfterModify: Watch out when checking against xRec
Yesterday, I needed to put some code after modification of a record. So I decided to use the event for this. My code only needed to be updated if some [...]
Creating a .NET Assembly, the importance of versioning
Everyone who has ever created a .NET DLL for his NAV project will probably have run into different kind of issues concerning versioning. Either unable to [...]
Translating NAV: Translation Tokens
Some of you might already have needed to translate NAV objects before. When you did this, odds are big that you have run into “unreadable” [...]
Cumulative Update 4: MESSAGE function does not work as expected
At iFacto, we try to keep our product as up to date as possible. Which means that when there are some problems in the Cumulative Updates, we run into them [...]
Eventing: (Little) Update
In addition to my previous post I’d like to add a few things I have forgotten in my list.   Table [...]
Eventing: an overview
A few days ago we had a workshop in the company about events. Even during our internal overview, we found out some thing which weren’t very clear [...]
Reading from and writing to the Clipboard
Have you ever tried putting something in the clipboard? Well, aside from literally copying or pasting? If you have ever tried something like this in .NET, [...]