Dynamics NAV 2018 Image Library
A new version of Dynamics NAV requires a new version of the Dynamics NAV Image Library. Well, here it is! It will be available for download at [...]
The different AL Extensions versions for Visual Studio Code
A common question asked these days is why there are different versions of the AL Extensions for Visual Studio Code. With this post I try to explain what [...]
How to connect Visual Studio Code with NAV 2018
Last couple of days, I got a number of questions from people that all came down to the same issue: how to set the correct settings in the launch.json so [...]
Running NAV docker containers on a local Hyper-V Virtual Machine
There are already a lot of blog posts about running Dynamics NAV on Docker and how to deal with it. Here are some sites you should definitely start with: [...]
Thoughts on Dynamics 365 “Tenerife” & NAV 2018
It’s the week after. Busy weeks lay behind, Directions EMEA was this week in Madrid and two weeks before we had Directions US in Orlando, Florida. A [...]
How to get access to C/AL code in NAV Developer Preview September Update
The NAV Developer Preview is meant to create extensions and not to do any customizations in the base application. However, you may want to have at least [...]
Docker Tips for NAV Development Preview September Update
A few days ago we got a new NAV Development Preview from Microsoft. As Waldo already explained on his blog, a lot has changed this time. Well, I’m [...]
AL Web Service Examples
A few weeks ago, I posted about AL support for REST Web Services. And at the end I promised to convert the previous posted web service examples to AL code. [...]
Convert Base64 with AL code
A couple of weeks ago, I was trying to write web service examples in AL code for VS Code. Unfortunately, at that time, it was not possible to call the [...]
AL support for REST Web Services
A few days ago we did a webinar about the current status of AL in Visual Studio Code. The webinar was organized by NAV Skills and together with Waldo, [...]