Upgrading my G/L Source Names Extension to AL – step 4
We are on a path to upgrade G/L Source Names from version 1 to version 2.  This requires conversion from C/AL to AL, data upgrade and number of [...]
Upgrading my G/L Source Names Extension to AL – step 3
When upgrading an extension from C/AL to AL (version 1 to version 2) we need to think about the data upgrade process. In C/AL we needed to add two function [...]
Upgrading my G/L Source Names Extension to AL – step 2
So, where is step 1?  Step 1 was converting C/AL code to AL code.  This we did with AdvaniaGIT and was demonstrated here. First thing [...]
Don’t worry about DotNet version in C/AL
When using DotNet data type in NAV C/AL we normally lookup a sub type to use.  When we do the result can be something like [...]
AzureSQL database gives me change tracking error
I just uploaded a SQL bacpac to AzureSQL.  This I have done a number of times.  Connected my service to the SQL database and tried to start the [...]
Using AdvaniaGIT – Convert G/L Source Names to AL
Here we go. The NAV on Docker environment we just created can be used for the task at hand.  I have an Extension in Dynamics 365 called G/L Source [...]
Using AdvaniaGIT in Visual Studio Code
It has become obvious that the future of AL programming is in Visual Studio Code. Microsoft has made a decision to ship all their releases as Docker [...]
Json Meets NAV Workshop @NAVTechDays 2017
Last November I was in Antwerp attending NAVTechDays.  During the pre-conference workshops I hosted a workshop on Json & NAV. All the exercise [...]
Using AdvaniaGIT – FTP server for teams
So, you are not the only one in your company doing development, right? Essential part of being able to develop C/AL is to have a starting point.  That [...]
Using AdvaniaGIT – Docker Containers
There is a new kid in town.  His name is Docker. Microsoft is saying: We are currently investigating how we can use Docker for deploying NAV. For test [...]