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Thoughts on Dynamics 365 “Tenerife” & NAV 2018
It’s the week after. Busy weeks lay behind, Directions EMEA was this week in Madrid and two weeks before we had Directions US in Orlando, Florida. A [...]
October updates for Dynamics NAV Development Preview and 365FOBE
This month “TWO updates in one day”. Good ! NAV Development Preview – October Update Web client add-ins, Dictionary and [...]
D365 for Talent new Apps: Attract and Onboard
Microsoft recently announced new Dynamics 365 member for Human Capital Management – Dynamics 365 for Talent. I’ve already wrote about this new [...]
New UX in NAV (Dynamics 365 Tenerife)
After first Keynote on Directions NA, we got a very exciting news about rebranding of our products and about their common future as Dynamics 365 [...]
Updates from #DirectionsNA 2017 Part 1 – NAV 2018 or Dynamics365 Tenerife
Hi all readers, If you are like me who was unable to attend Directions North America here are updates from Twitter and blogs. I am missing it so here are [...]
Directions 2017 – Keynote – Dynamics 365 “Tenerife”
I’m just done with the keynote, and have been writing down quite some notes – so I figured, why not turn this into a blogpost ;-). One with a [...]
New NAV will be Dynamics 365 Tenerife
The first day of Direction NA has just started and Keynote has just finished. The event is the biggest ever with 774 attendees. We heard a lot of news [...]
Dynamics 365 Accountant Portal on a Phone
I already wrote about using Accountant Portal in Dynamics 365 for Financials. And now just imagine if you are accountant and your client call you about [...]
My first Dynamics 365 Extension – Offer ‘G/L Source Names’ is live
So, back from summer vacation and time to blog… Early this month I got this email: Offer ‘G/L Source Names’ is live Congratulations! [...]
Working with Dynamics 365 Clients from Accountant Portal
In my previous post, I’ve describer how to install and start with Accountant Portal in Dynamics 365 for Financials (…and Operation Business [...]