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“Cached Web Service Calls” – Microsoft Dynamics NAV Community
Cached web services calls in this section you can find a nice post by NAV Team blog about “cached web services calls”: Abstract In a [...]
Nice picture from last years NAVUG Summit
From the “I Love NAV” booth there the doctors diagnosed strange NAV issues and came up with brilliant solutions
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 – How to Install.
Hi All, In this article, we will discuss how to install Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. I know its bit late but I feel the need because there are so many [...]
Appending other information to Navision Reports
There is always requirement from many customers to Append information to the Navision Reports. Recently one of my reader have requested me for any such [...]
Merging PDF Files in Navision
Many of time we have multiple files in pdf but for some certain reasons we require to merge them to single File. Continuing from my previous post i am [...]
Converting Office Files into PDF from Navision
Today in this post i will walkthrough how we can convert any MS Office File into PDF. It have been many time required to convert any attached file with the [...]
Allow users to filter random records in Dynamics NAV
Most of the users would like to select few records (No commonly shared value) and filter them to a single view. I have seen many of the users use export to [...]
Dynamics 365 and more: What you need to know
Dynamics 365 and more: What you need to know Nice page with a lot of information about Microsoft Dynamics Business & Cloud: “What you need to [...]
Dynamics Profile: New Dynamics NAV MVP Roberto Stefanetti Eager to Share More Broadly –
Award-winning blogger Stefanetti says MVP status will help him to share even more intelligence about Dynamics NAV. Source: Dynamics Profile: New Dynamics [...]
Controlling User wise Report Print & Save As… Permission
  It is always asked from several users to have a control on Printing of reports from Preview. Normally you have two options to print the Report in [...]