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Best practices for installing and configuring Microsoft SQL Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
The documentation on Installation Considerations for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been updated with information on recommended [...]
NAV 2017 not documented options for “Credential Type”
In NAV 2017 there are two new options for “Credentials Type”: TaskScheduler and EchangeIdentity. “Credential Type” -> “AS [...]
How to add endpoints on Azure VM for NAV
Endpoints allow services running on Windows Azure VM to be accessed remotely. If you create a Azure VM for NAV using one of the templates available on the [...]
Get Session Information for all NST’s – PowerShell Version
Continuing on my previous post Get Session Count over multiple NST’s I decided to make a little PowerShell function of it. function [...]
Manage Web Services in Extensions
At this moment, I’m working on an Extension for Dynamics 365. One of the requirements is basically “publish an interface to an external [...]
Keyboard Shortcuts for the New NAV Development Environment
The following table provides an overview of some of the shortcut key combinations that you can use when you’re working with Dynamics NAV in Visual [...]
How to disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security on Azure VM for Dynamics NAV?
Are you also annoyed with al those questions and popups Internet Explorer asks, when you work on a virtual machine? I use a lot of VM’s on Azure, for [...]
Get Session Count over multiple NST’s
Sometimes you need to see for different instances how many sessions are connected. You could achieve this with piping multiple PowerShell statements into [...]
MediaSet fields in Queries..
When designing queries in Dynamics NAV you’ll get an error i CSide if you include a BLOB field, but no error if you include a MediaSet field. At [...]
The NAV_Developer blog is coming back ! Nav supporter’s blog
The NAV_Developer blog is coming back ! “The NAV_Developer blog is coming back into action as a NAV supporter’s place. This will be by and for [...]