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New and updated capabilities in the September update of Project “Madeira”
More flexibility in sales processes This update adds more flexibility in what you sell: Nonstock items You can now set up nonstock items – items that [...]
Design Pattern: Security – Single Point of Access
Context: Protected data needs to be used. There are many types of entities which might attempt to use the data. Problem: If no standard way of accessing [...]
Directions US 2016: Goodbye, Phoenix!
Directions US. What more to say than: wow! This was an amazing conference, again. A lot of people, a lot of vibe, a lot of NAV. And this year, a lot to [...]
Long time, no see
Time flies, eh? It seems you folks have been busier here on my blog than I was. Four months whooshed by since I last posted something here, and I have been [...]
NAV 2017 Official Release Date and News from Directions
I’ve finished with a first two days on Directions NA. Both of these days I had sessions and I couldn’t prepare this article earlier. I wanted [...]
Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016
From now on you will be able to find my blog posts in the  Theta NAV Blog  as well.  Following is my first blog post under Theta NAV [...]
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 – New Announcement | Part 02
These are some of more news from Directions 2016.. Stay tuned for more info on Microsoft Dynamics NAV APPSOURCE Hope most of you already know App [...]
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 – Release Date and new Announcement | Part 01
As most of the NAV fans know #NAVDirections is underway in US. Even though I could not participate to it (Next year for sure), there are so much of [...]
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 – Table of Contents for Workflow.
Hi All, With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, a new feature introduced was released – “Workflows”. There is a lot that can be done with [...]
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 – Release Date October 24th & Christmas.
Hi All, As most of us Know that #NAVDirections in happening these days in the US. There is so many information flowing from there about Dynamics 365 and [...]